Do you have these nasty invasive plants in your garden?

Invasive Plants

Posted September 23, 2021
At the September 21 Special Board of Trustees Meeting, Christopher Gow, Chair of the Tree Advisory Board, gave a short presentation on the worst invasive plants.

These plants can take over your garden — and even destroy the foundation of any structure, including your house. [see photos of the “4 nasty invasives” below]

You can’t just ask your landscaper to cut/remove them — they will multiply and return more robust than before. 

If you think you have these invasives on your property, a member of the Tree Advisory Board will be happy to visit you and advise on the control and eradication method. 

Email [email protected] to schedule an appointment or visit for more information.


Above: Hercules Club (note the knobby thorns on the trunk)


Above: Tree of Heaven


Above: Japanese Knotweed (this plant can ruin the foundation of a house or a driveway)


Above: Mile a minute (note the triangular leaves; it grows a mile a minute)

Authored by Christopher Gow and Chiu Yin Hempel.