UPDATED - Our new automatic gate opening system

Our new automatic gate opening system

Updated and edited - November 14, 2021 & 16, 2021
We are excited to share that our new automatic gate opening system is launching in January.

The system uses license plate reading technology to open the main and south gates automatically. The new system combines convenience and security and frees the police to screen non-registered vehicles. The police will register residents first, followed by the school, club, and church, replacing tags.

The following charges are not finalized until approved by the Board of Trustees at the November 17 meeting. Comments welcome.


Home and Property Owners, and (Rentors or Rentees TBD):

As a one-time expense, you will be asked to pay for the equipment and installation of the system because it is not included in the 2021-2022 budget.

Year one only – Equipment and installation are $19,938, which comes close to $30 per property. You may register an unlimited number of vehicles, including family members, parents, and domestic help, for a one-time (not per vehicle) payment of $30. Vehicles remain registered as long as you own a home, property, rent, and vehicle. 

All subsequent years – No more one-time payments - The $6,000 annual system operating cost is included in the yearly budget (starting in 2022-2023).


School, Club, and Church:

Parents and Members – $29.95 for unlimited vehicles in the same family - One-time (not per vehicle) payment of $29.95 - Paid annually.

Employees - $14.95 per vehicle - Paid annually.


Wee Wah Beach Club Hamlet members and Wee Wah Lake Fishing Club members – $19.95 per vehicle - Paid annually.

Contractors - TBD per vehicle - Paid annually.



Notes 1) The board will also consider an annual lump sum payment from the school, club, and church.  2) School, club, church, and contractor vehicles can use the main and south gates. Seasonal vehicles, the main gate only.


Mayor Mac

The Village of Tuxedo Park Police SafePasage Rollout Checklist document is attached below: