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Mayor McFadden

Mayor extends hand to Town Council

Posted October 12, 2021
Unfortunately, I will not attend the meeting tomorrow and wanted to share my letter to Town... more ››

Dan Castricone

Candidate Dan Castricone responds to the Mayor's Open Letter

Posted October 10, 2021
Former Town Council Member and current Town Supervisor candidate Dan Castricone responds to... more ››

FreshDirect delivers to Tuxedo Park!

10/16/21 - IMPORTANT UPDATE - FreshDirect delivers to Tuxedo Park!

Reposted October 16, 2021
This is a friendly reminder that deliveries are restricted, with exceptions, after 5:00 pm... more ››

Tuxedo Park Traffic Booth Circa 1979

Like a fine wine, things improve with time...

Posted October 9, 2021
Former Police Chief Bill Bortnowski sent me this today, and I could not resist sharing it with... more ››

Kenneth English

Candidate Kenneth English responds to Mayor's Open Letter »

Posted October 8, 2021
Town Board Supervisor and incumbent candidate Kenneth English respond to the Mayor's Open... more ››

Tuxedo Town Hall

Candidate Deirdre Murphy responds to the Mayor's Open Letter

Posted October 8, 2021
Current Town Planning Board Member and Town Council candidate Deirdre Murphy responds to the... more ››

From The Mayor's Desk

Special Permit proposed by Related for Tuxedo Farms

Posted October 7, 2021

Dear Neighbor's,

Jay H. Reichgott, P.E.

Candidate Jay H. Reichgott, P.E. responds to Mayor's Open Letter

Correction - Letter Reposted 2:16 pm

Village of Tuxedo Park

Lack of Communication?

Posted October 5, 2021
Are you feeling out of touch? That's not good for any relationship. Especially the one you... more ››

Welcome Committee

Are you a New Neighbor?

Posted October 5, 2021

Our Welcome Committee would... more ››

Greg Gushee from Related

Open Letter to the Town Council Candidates - Tuxedo Farms Expansion


October 5, 2021
Dear Incumbents and Challengers:Congratulations on your... more ››


Tuxedo Park in Autumn

Posted October 3, 2021
We are experiencing a change in our foliage, and I am excited to capture it in photographs for... more ››


Village contracts with Security Gate Access Company SafePassage

Posted September 29, 2021

Tuxedo Farms

Stalled for years, Tuxedo developer wants to increase home total to 2,000 from 1,200

Posted September 29, 2021
Chris McKenna, Times Herald-Record, TUXEDO -  A 1,200-home project first proposed more than... more ››

Tuxedo Farms

Tuxedo Farms Seeks Revisions to the Special Permit

Posted September 28, 2021

Foundation Damage

Do you have these nasty invasive plants in your garden?

Posted September 23, 2021
At the September 21 Special Board of Trustees Meeting, Christopher Gow, Chair of the Tree... more ››

New Multiple Mailbox Stand

New Multiple Mailbox Stand - Thank you DPW!

Posted September 23, 2021
Yesterday the DPW completed phase one of installing a new multiple mailbox stand at... more ››

Building Inspector

Correction - Interior Renovation Requires a Building Permit - Not BAR Approval

Posted September 19, 2021
Dear Residents, Many of you know this because you have completed beautiful projects after... more ››


Hackers Attack Board of Trustees Meeting Zoom Call

Posted September 15, 2021
Dear Neighbors, the Board deeply apologizes for this evening's hacker attack on our Zoom... more ››

Fact Check

Office of the (Self-Appointed) Public Advocate - Press Release

Posted September 13, 2021
Concerning the "Public Advocate" Press Release today: Like all of its past accusations,... more ››