Meet the Officers


As part of an ongoing effort to help Village Residents get to know the officers who serve them, below find bios of our officers.  Our staff comprises very knowledgeable and experienced police officers as well as some new officers who are just getting into the field of law enforcement.  The vast knowledge of our officers is a huge asset to the Village of Tuxedo Park. 

Full-Time Police Officers

Chief Dave Conklin
I retired from the Monroe Police Department in 2018 after serving 28 years in law enforcement.  I started my career with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and then transferred to the Town of Tuxedo Police Department, where I became the Youth Officer and K-9 Officer.  I subsequently left Tuxedo and transferred to the Monroe Police Department, where I worked my way through the ranks from Police Officer, Detective, Sergeant, Administrative Sergeant, Lieutenant, and ultimately to Chief of Police.  I had a gratifying and satisfying career as I reached all of the goals I had set out for myself.

When the Chief’s position in Tuxedo Park became vacant, I pursued this opportunity as I have history and roots in the Tuxedo area.  My father was born and raised in Tuxedo, and I still have family who resides in Tuxedo.  In addition, My Great Uncle, Dwight Conklin, was Chief of Police with the Village of Tuxedo Park Police Department in the 1950s-1970s, and my cousin Robert Morrow was a police officer here as well in the 1970s-1980s.  My brother, Jason, was a police officer here in 1997 and died after a tragic accident while on duty.  More recently, my son Jake was a gate guard in the police booth and was on duty the night that crashed into it.  I feel blessed and honored to carry on my family tradition of serving the fine residents of Tuxedo Park.   When off duty, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my grandchildren.

Police Officer Daniel Sutherland
Officer Sutherland obtained an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelors degree in Management.  He started his police career in 2000 with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office on the Road Patrol.  He then transferred to the Woodridge Police Department for 3 years and left to become a police officer with the Town of Tuxedo Police Department for 4 years and subsequently transferred to the Tuxedo Park Police Department, where he had been for almost 9 years now.

“What drew me to Tuxedo Park was that I enjoy the “small town” feel, and Community Policing interests me; I enjoy the part of the public relations of the job most of all.”   

Police Officer Max Sirrine
Officer Sirrine was an Infantryman in the United States Army from 2008-2017.  Upon completing his military service, Officer Sirrine became a Police Officer with the Tuxedo Park Police Department in July 2017.

Part-Time Officer’s

Police Officer Jim Ascione 
Officer Ascione has been a police officer since 1985.  He retired as a full-time officer from this department and immediately began working as a part-time officer here.  In addition, he is a full-time realtor with Keller Williams Realty and is their top agent and member of the Keller Williams Agent Leadership Council. 

Officer Ascione became a police officer because he was seeking a rewarding and satisfying career.  He likes to focus on public relations and community policing. 

Police Officer Joe Panzica
Officer Panzica served 8 years in the United States Navy Reserves.  He obtained an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science and was a police officer in the Town of Woodbury for 20 years, where he retired.  After retirement Officer, Panzica missed putting on his uniform and being part of a team and came to work part-time in Tuxedo Park.  He enjoys community policing and is very approachable, and likes to talk to residents.  

Police Officer Johnny Motz 
Officer Motz served as a Deputy Sheriff with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and as a Police Officer with the Village of Harriman Police Department, where he retired after 24 years of service.  Officer Motz was a Field Training Officer, Tactical Response Team Member, and assisted with the NYS Accreditation program. After retirement, Officer Motz wanted to continue to serve and was hired by the Tuxedo Park Police Department as a part-time officer. 

Officer Motz grew up with his father being a Police Sergeant.  He thought it was the greatest to see his father in uniform and come home with the police car during his meal breaks.  Officer Motz was often at the police station with his father, had tours of the police station, and even went to the firing range.  That is what inspired Officer Motz to be a police officer.  Officer Motz stated that being a police officer is challenging and rewarding, and each day you go to work expecting the unexpected. 

What Officer Motz enjoys about Tuxedo Park is that it is a small community setting. 

Officer Motz is married with four children, so he spends it with them during his off time. 

Police Officer Thomas Bonkowski
Officer Bonkowski graduated from the Rockland Police Academy in 2019 and started his career working part-time in Tuxedo Park, following in his father's and brother's footsteps.   Officer Bonkowski enjoys being a police officer because he likes to help people in their time of need.  What he likes about Tuxedo Park is the small uniqueness of a small village with a connection with the residents. 

When off duty, Officer Bonkowski enjoys volunteering for the Sloatsburg Fire Department. 

 Police Officer Giana Capone
Officer Capone was hired in Tuxedo Park in late February 2021.  She is a recent graduate from the Rockland Police Academy and is just starting her career.  Officer Capone has several family members in law enforcement, and she wants to help people. 

What drew her to Tuxedo Park is the community policing policy and being able to interact with residents. 

When off duty, Officer Capone enjoys going to the gym and making memories with friends and family. 

Police Officer Ken Sanford
Many residents have known Officer Sanford as he served with the Tuxedo Park Police Department from 2002-2016 as a full-time officer and served as Chief of Police from 2008-2016.  What drew Officer Sanford to tuxedo Park was, he was born and raised in the Town of Tuxedo and wanted to serve his community; when off duty, Ken enjoys spending time with his children.

Police Officer Cliff Ader 
Officer Ader obtained a Master of Science Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree.  He joined the NYPD in 1988 and retired there as a Homicide Detective. Officer Ader enjoys working in Tuxedo Park because it is a small and safe community, and he has met some interesting people. 
When off duty, Officer Ader enjoys bike riding, gardening, and spending time with his family.   
Officer Ader would like people to know that he is very friendly and approachable and enjoys talking with others. 

Police Officer Timothy Lowry 
Officer Lowry retired from the Town of Warwick Police Department, where he was a police officer for more than 20 years.  He became a police officer because he truly likes to help people. 
Officer Lowry likes working in Tuxedo Park because it is a beautiful area with a lot of history and he enjoys talking to the residents. 
When off duty, Officer Lowry enjoys fishing and riding his motorcycle. 
Officer Lowry would like people to know about him because he is always willing and available to help the community. 

Police Officer Eric Johnson 
After graduating Cum Laude from St. Thomas Aquinas College with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Officer Johnson attended the Orange County Police Academy.  He served twenty years as a Police Officer and Investigator for the Town of Woodbury Police Department before retiring in 2016.  
His favorite thing about working in Tuxedo Park is that he loves the architecture of the old houses. 
When off duty, Officer Johnson enjoys renovating houses and completing DIY projects. 

Police Officer Tyler Stark
Officer Stark obtained a Bachelors's degree from the University of Buffalo.  He graduated from the Rockland Police Academy in 2020 and became a police officer with the Village of Tuxedo Park.   

Officer Stark became a police officer for the sense of teamwork and brotherhood. 

Officer Stark enjoys working for Tuxedo Park because it is a small, tight-knit community with the opportunity for community policing and building relationships with residents. 

When off duty, Officer Stark enjoys Golf, hunting, and coaching ice hockey. 

What Officer Stark would like people to know about him is that he loves playing hockey and is currently on the Rockland County PBA Hockey Team and the NYPD Hockey Team. 

Police Officer Brian Levy
Officer Levy works 3 jobs which include owning his own business. He has been in law enforcement for 7 years and EMS for 16 years. In 23 years, he has worked in EMS, Humane Law Enforcement, and a Police Officer.  

His career started in EMS as he always had an interest in helping people. He was in EMS for a total of 16 years. During this time, he interacted with many different public safety agencies, which caught his eye on law enforcement. It was another way to help people, which is why he is a police officer today. 

What drew Officer Levy to Tuxedo Park was the village's uniqueness of being the only gated village in Orange County.  His favorite thing about working here is how close the police department works with the residents and how the residents work closely with the police department.  

When off duty, Officer Levy likes to relax and watch movies. 

Police Officer Rodney Krinke
Officer Krinke began his police career with the New York City Police Department in 1986, and he retired in 2006.  Shortly after retirement, he began working as a part-time police officer for the Tuxedo Park Police Department.  He enjoys working for a smaller department because it allows for more community-based policing. 

Officer Krinke chose Policing as his profession because he was interested in law and wanted to serve the community. 

When off duty, Officer Krinke enjoys camping and woodworking. 

Police Officer Antonio Esposito
Officer Esposito graduated from the Ulster County Police Academy in 2019 and was hired here in 2021.  Officer Esposito also serves our country in the US National Guard.  Officer Esposito has a strong belief in community policing and enjoys helping people whenever he can.

Police Officer Bob Mainolfi
Officer Mainolfi brings a wealth of knowledge to our department.  He started his career in the City of Newburgh Police Department and subsequently transferred to the Orangetown Police Department, where he retired after serving for over 25 years. 

Police Officer Neil Kassel
Officer Kassel retired from the City of Middletown Police Department as a Sergeant after completing over 20 years of service.  He has a lot of experience in all facets of law enforcement.  Officer Kassel’s style of policing is community policing which makes him a great fit in our department.

Police Officer Greg Panzarella
Officer Panzarella retired as a NY State Police Investigator after serving for over 20 years.  He also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our department.

Police Officer Johnny Gonzalez
Officer Gonzalez graduated from the Rockland Police Academy in 2020 and was our latest hire in 2021.  Officer Gonzalez enjoys talking to people and is eager to learn about community policing.