The NYS Pools Management Company Agreement for WWBC

The NYS Pools Management Company Agreement for WWBC

Posted November 22, 2021
After consulting with the village attorney, the Wee Wah Park Committee (WWPC), and NYS Pools Management, the agreement is prepared for signature.

The fully executed agreement and insurance certificates will be filed at the village office.

I want to thank the WWBC Executive Committee and others. They raised some excellent points at the last meeting about tightening the NYS Pools Management agreement, including but not limited to matters of insurance, personnel, and indemnification. Moving forward the name of the facility is Wee Wah Park & Bathing Beach. (WWP&BB)

For these community members who had concerns, the major takeaways from the negotiations are:

Insurance – NYS Pools carry a 3-million-dollar incident policy with a 5-million-dollar umbrella. 
Staffing – To allow the lifeguards to focus on the swimmers, the village DPW staff will provide the ongoing daily maintenance of the lavatories, general cleaning, waste containers, and other tasks seven days a week.
Absence - If a lifeguard is delayed or has an emergency, there are certified employees on call as a backup at the office in Suffern.
Checker – We are discussing an honor system and picture ID for entry to the facility. Hamlet member vehicles are registered at the main gate for access during swimming hours.
Hiring – Everyone prefers to hire locally and would like to offer the job to the WWBC lifeguards hoping to work here this summer. 
Indemnification – The village attorney reviewed and revised the indemnification clause.
Membership Fees - There will not be any changes to membership fees and guest passes.

Membership transactions take place at the village office, village police station, and online at the village website

The facility is open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Basic Hours are 1:00 pm – 7:00/8:00 pm.


$295 –FULL FAMILY: For parents, spouses, couples, and dependent children. Dependent children include students 22 years of age and under.
$75 - ADULT ADD-ON (available only with FULL FAMILY or SENIOR CITIZEN Memberships): Adults aged 23 and up and living in the member's household.
$75 - SENIOR CITIZEN: Available to those who have reached the age of 65 and is available to single members or couples who meet the age criteria only.
$150 - SINGLE: For single adults with no dependent children.

GUEST PASSES (Optional): $50 - 10 Guest Passes & $75 - 20 Guest Passes (Maximum 20 guest passes per family).

To a fun 2022 summer season!

Mayor Mac